Bomber’s top 37 Thoughts He Has in the Playroom

I was inspired to write the random thoughts that I have had during a typical session in the playroom. Thanks Mr. BrwnGuy, of our band community, for the idea. 

There might be a myth out there that men are not thinking while we are in the smash zone. But there is definitely sh*t on our minds before, during and after getting in that WET WET.

We would be curious to hear what your thoughts are!

Thoughts During Foreplay

  1. Ok, her clit was super easy to find! Looks like it’s gonna be an easy night. 
  1. Yep, she is feeling my tongue game. So far so good. 
  1. Hope she is one of them “it’s not about the size” chicks because I ain’t trying to disappoint no body
  1. Ok. Time to see if her head game is on point. Hope it’s good, but not too good. There is a fine line. 
  1. Oh sh*t she is good. Too good. Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts…
  1. It’s really quiet over there. Is my wife having a good time?
  1. Ok she’s good. Oh sh*t! Is he reaching for a condom? Hold on bro, I’m still warming up over here. 
  1. Ok it’s show time! F*ck, I’m losing my chub. Think sexy thoughts! Think sexy thoughts. 
  1. Damn! It wasn’t a good idea to use all that lube fingering because now my hands are too greasy to open this rubik’s cube of condom wrapper. Fuck it, I’m using my teeth. Hope she don’t think that’s nasty. 

Thoughts while SMASHING

  1. Is she sliding the condom on with her lips? Go head Shawdy!
  1. Dam I should have saved doggy style for last because watching this ass bounce is putting me at a disadvantage. 
  1. Can I unsnap these pantie, because this sliding to the side sh*t is giving me a serious chafe. 
  1. Wow she is really loud!! *To the voyeurs in the playroom* “Yall seeing this right?!”
  1. What does she mean, ‘keep going’? Because I’ve been hammering this nail in hard for 5 minutes straight. 
  1. Ok I am ready to switch positions. My knees are starting to buckle and all that grinding on the dance floor earlier aint help. 
  1. Ok she is responding very well to my thumb on her ass. Is this gonna be an ass night? Because I’m definitely all about that anal life. 
  1. Hope she aint grossed out by sweat because I am definitely making it rain right now. 
  1. Ok she is on top now. It’s time to see if those kettlebell swings paid off because I been going in at the gym this week.
  1. Oh she is doing that back and forth grind shit. Hope she gets there before I don’t, because I am no longer in the pilot seat. 
  1. Oh shit! I MADE HER SQUIRT! I am the ultimate savage BITCHES!! The We Steady Mobbin beat is playing in my head right now at max bass.
  1. Time to take a peek at the wife. Need to stay connected but, Jeez it is really dark in here. 
  1. Damn I didn’t know my wife liked that position so much. Wish I had a notepad right now-oh wait. Is she faking? Yep she is definitely faking it. I think…
  1. Ok she is good. And now back to our regularly scheduled program. I love my life. 
  1. Is the condom still on?
  1. Yep it is still on. Okay! This might be my “goto” rubber from here on.
  1. Hope no one minds if I use this lube, because I lost track of mine like 10 minutes ago. 

Post SMASH Reflections

  1. Dam that nut shot out like a cannon, but I hope this condom is still intact. 
  1. Ok it’s still good! Woa! That was quite a load. Where is that trash can because I am carrying hazardous life giving chemicals with no hot sauce in site.
  1. I wonder how many people have gotten pregnant from a play partner in the lifestyle. Honestly, it had to happen at least once. What is even the protocol for some sh*t like that?
  1. Dam was it rude that I didn’t get her a paper towel first?
  1. Yep it was rude. Wife is giving me that look because I definitely f*cked up. 
  1. Wait how long ago did they finish?
  1. Ok she is not getting dressed yet, because I would definitely be interested in a second course, thank you. 
  1. Nope. Because wife is getting dressed, time to go. Don’t look disappointed dude. Man up! Man up! 
  1. Where the f*ck are my boxers?
  1. Found them…oh nope. Not mine. Next mission: Hand sanitizer. 
  1. Oh wait, wife is kissing dude again… looks like we might stick around afteral- fuck the dam playroom lights turned on. 

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