“There is no greater pleasure than being both loved and free”

Who are we?

We jumped head first into the swinger lifestyle and have enjoyed it ever since. We explored the world of swinger clubs, hotel takeovers and couple weekend getaways out of curiosity at first. But since then, we been happy living as our authentic selves as the dirty and freaky couple that we are.

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What got us started in the lifestyle?

Our adventures in the lifestyle started early in our relationship. We had some individual and couple experiences being intimate in group settings. They would usually be little risque moments with a few stragglers after late night parties.

Once we got married we spent our time basking in the honeymoon phase of our marriage.  And few years, we built up enough comfort to consider going to a swinger club. The Bomber brought it up after doing his research or falling down the youtube algorithm rabbit hole on the lifestyle to be honest.

One weekend, we finally decided to check out the local lifestyle club to celebrate a promotion. And that night would be the night that changed everything.

What we think of the swinger lifestyle

We went from going to clubs to going to private parties, to going to lifestyle vacations. The experience led us to stronger open and honest communication. And although the sexual experience have been great, it was the special moments we spent with our friends that made all the difference.

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We were so amazed by the lifestyle, that we decided to educate ourselves on the topic as much as humanly possible. We got into the youtube videos, podcasts, blogs and movies. If they were offering PhDs in Swinging, we would been fully certified.

But we quickly realized that the lifestyle was dominated by older White couples. And I got nothing but love for them folks, cause honestly, they know how to f*cking party! But on a cultural level, they were different. And more importantly we felt different in these environments, despite how welcoming and friendly they were.

Why we started the Black N Kinky Lifestyle podcast

Upon consuming an overload of sexpositive content online, we realized that some aspects of our experiences were not being discussed.

  • Few people talked about being feeling fetishized based on race.
  • We heard no one talking about the LIMITLESS parties that were quite LIMITED in racial diversity.
  • Most lifestyle podcasters were also silent about how subtle racism can be a huge turn off.
    • Have you been confused with someone that looks nothing like you?
    • Ever have someone assume they know your entire political perspective, economic background, and status because of your skin color?
    • You ever have someone assume the size of your d*ck based on the shade of your skin?

But  Black people and other folks of color  often face these issues in the lifestyle.

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Although there are many black sex positive podcasts out there, there were not many Black couples like us speaking about sexually explicit topics and the lifestyle.

Our melinated peers were definitely well represented in the sexpositive community. But most were composed of women, with few if any including men or couples.

We use this podcast to help other Black couples who are thinking about exploring non-monogamy. We also want to give a voice people of color who are in the lifestyle. And finally, there are some non-poc people that can benefit from learning about our perspective.

To be honest, we love talking about our experience and we try to be educating, funny, and sexy. Thanks so much for checking us out and we hope you enjoy the show.