“Cheating is played out, f*ck that chick together”

We are a Black married professional couple that has explored the swinger lifestyle. We have learned a lot in the time we have explored consensual non-monogoamy and as a Black couple our experience has been unique enough to share with you. We created this podcast to tell ya’ll about all the crazy experiences we have had, provide you with what you need to know if you are interested in the lifesytle. Think you ready? Check us out.

What People are saying about the show!

“A wonderful podcast that specializes in people of color in alternative lifestyle experiences. A must listen.”
“We love your show and will continue to listen to every cast you all put up.”
“My wife and I just started listening to y’all a couple weeks ago. We are a interracial couple. We love how y’all point out the some of the messed bias that going in the lifestyle. The movie reviews and the hit list are funny!!! We want to start a podcast to do the same. Keep busting nuts!!!!!!”
“Great Show …. Extremely Entertaining. Just subscribed and binged Listened to all the Shows. The Knife (Wife) and I are not in the Lifestyle Per say but we have many many friends who are. Keep doing what you are doing spreading Knowledge While entertaining.”
“A wonderful couple that breaks the lifestyle down while keeping it sexy. They remind me of a podcast called Average Swingers in that they give off the same vibe that they love the lifestyle, not only the sexy that comes with it but the friendships that are created. They are great ambassadors for the LS.”
“As a black Irish and Latino man who is well traveled. I didn’t think that I needed to listen to a lifestyle podcast geared towards people of color. Boy was I wrong. I have listened to 100’s of hours of LS podcast and never have I felt so at home until I started to listen to the Bell and the Bomber. It’s true, we have special needs, perspectives and desires, but we are also humans who have a lot in common with each other.”

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BNK Getting Around

Latest Episode

Listen to the crazy conversation we had with Jessie Camille of the Pussy Party Podcast. We touched on topics of judgement of female sexuality, controversial fetishes and less traditional forms of modern dating. Check out our discussion here. 

If you want to learn more about the Pussy Party President, check out more info on her, her show and her services here.

FLIGHT DEPARTURE DATE September 30, 2021
TOUR START/ END DATE October 1, 2021- October 6, 2021
DURATION OF STAY 6 Days, 5 Nightd


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