25 of the Belle’s Playroom Thoughts

We thought it fitting and kind of fun to list the Belle’s most frequent playroom thoughts. These are not thoughts she has every time, but they have happened frequent enough to put on this list.

This is assuming we got another couple in the playroom and we are sure at least some of you can relate to these.

We would be curious to hear what your thoughts are!

Thoughts During Foreplay

  1. Ok. How long is this one gonna eat this p*ssy? I hope he got the message about my dislike for long intros.
  1. Ugh is he still eating me out? I don’t want to spoil the moment by telling him I really wanna f*ck right now, but I am so sh*tty at dirty talk and might come off as too demanding.
  1. It looks like my husband is enjoying himself, oh wait I think my guy is finally coming up for air, here is my chance.
  1. Hooray! It’s BJ time.
  1. Let’s see how big you are in person. I am a big fan of girth. 
  1. Ok, good size, shaven, no unidentifiable lesions. Looks like we are good to go. 
  1. This dude has been so charming this evening. That basically means I am gonna to have to suck the soul out of his d*ck.
  1. Ok, gotta make this BJ count, because once we start f*cking I am not sucking a condom flavored penis.
  1. Ok! We need to get to the main course, because we are gonna drown if my p*ssy gets any wetter.

Playroom thoughts while SMASHING

  1. Now, let’s find our rhythm. Can I move my hips a bit more or will that throw him off?
  1. Please don’t ask me to talk dirty because, again, I am sh*tty at it.
  1. Ohh his body feels really good to the touch. You wasn’t lying on yo profile about working out. Go head boo!
  1. Oh let me check on how my t*tties and stomach look, gotta keep it sexy for these voyeurs. Yes, I see yall stroking it.
  1. Oh this dude likes to pull hair. Locks for the win!
  1. Wow he is putting some work in. Yes I see the surprised look on ya face. My husband was not lying to you about how good this p*ssy is.
  1. Oh sh*t! He got that “I’m about to nut face”. Focus! Focus! We can get there together boo.
  1. Oh wait is he trying to change positions? No stay yo ass right here. 
  1. Ok here we go, this might be one of those clenching orgasms. I hope I don’t squeeze his d*ck off.

Post SMASH Reflections

  1. Would he think it is rude to jump up and clean up right now? Between the lube, sweat and shejaculate, I am feeling super contaminated.
  1. Oh he is still there. Maybe I should grab him some wipes, cause his d*ck is looking like a glazed donut right now.
  1. I think this playroom might need an encore, I could go for a second round.
  1. Do I feel like putting this lingerie back on? I’d be cool spending the rest of the evening naked.
  1. Awww he wants to cuddle.
  1. What is my husband doing right now? Oh he is face deep in this chick’s ass. 
  1. I can really do Denny’s after this.

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