3 Tips for Spicing up Your Room

“Wow, this place is nice, I could really enjoy getting f*cked in here”. This is what I want people to think when they walk in our home, playspace or hotel room. 

Your room can be an extension of you and if you put the work into making your space sexy, no one would want to leave. Spicing up your space does not require a lot of fancy expensive gadgets. You could probably get by pretty well investing $40 in decorating your play space. But here, I offer 3 easy tips on spicing up your play space. 

1. It’s all about the lighting

Red is associated with hot ass sex, so spread that shit around the room. Replacing the white light bulbs with red ones can make your space prime location for a fuckathon. You might have seen this used on That Couple Next Door, One day Jay and Kay…one day. 

If you want to get really fancy, you can purchase these bulbs that can be screwed into multiple standard lamps in any space. It has a remote to simultaneous change the colors, from red to blue to purple and more. It can be a really great way to control the mood in the room. While people are talking and getting to know each other, you can stick to the yellows and oranges for that warm and welcoming feel. Then you can adjust to red as it starts to quiet down and heat up.

BnB's room at NiN
Our room at NiN 2019

You can also add motion to your lighting as a bonus. You can use Christmas lights that have soft dimming settings or some artificial candles. There are tons of options out there but we loved this portable water effect projector we used on our trip to Naughty in Nawlins. Walking into our room was like walking into a dimension of visual pleasure. I’m sure the cleaning crew took their time in our space, hope we cleared all them condom wrappers out the way before hand, but whatcha gonna do? The combination of movement and mood-setting light is guaranteed to make your room the last stop for couples and singles looking to get it in. 

Be careful not to go overboard with the lighting though.  you want to give your guests a relaxing environment, not a seizure. Motion lights that are moving a little too fast can be really distracting. You don’t want that disco light sitting on the minibar to cause your guest to leave to avoid foaming from the mouth. Aim for something that can adjust to a slow setting for the end-of-evenin mood. Try not to mix too many colors that clash.

2. Take control of the smell of your space

D*ck, ass and p*ssy, might feel good, look good and even taste good, but it doesn’t always smell good. Especially when it has been pounded, stroked and licked by sweaty and sex craved swingers who are trying to get their nut.

Getting the spot to smell good is an easy task, but you want to choose the right smell to make your room a pleasant and sexy environment. Stick with scents that make people feel sexy. You can do a ton of research on what smells directly correlate to wet kitties, but you can’t go wrong with Lavender or Jasmine. They are subtle and can really allow your company to relax. 

D*ck, ass and p*ssy, might feel good, look good and even taste good, but it doesn’t always smell good.

Try to avoid the scents that smell too much like food, like apple pie or strawberries. They smell good at first, but at some point, you can get tired of it and want to get somewhere a little less…sweetened.

Depending on where you are, there are multiple products that can spread your sexy aromas throughout your space. Candles and oil burners can be great as they do add a little bit more atmosphere with the flicker of a small flame. But these can be hazardous, especially in a room where clothing, legs, arms and ass cheeks can end up in some unpredictable areas. You don’t want your evening orgy to end with fire marshals and ambulances.

We recommend using plug-ins because you can usually adjust the strength of the aroma diffuser. This is really important when it comes to the size of the play space. They are also easily reusable and easy to travel with.

3. Invest in good sound equipment and music

Playing music from your phone’s speakers is just not the way to go, so invest in some bluetooth sound. Cordless portable speakers are not expensive and can really get the juices flowing. JBL portable speakers are reasonably priced. And they do provide a great sound, especially in an enclosed area. 

Clearly, you can adjust the volume high when your sexy band of swingers are in party mode. But when things mellow out, you want to reduce the volume a bit and the sexy sounds take over with the softer music in the background. 

…imagine you are in the middle of the best anal sex session of your life. And right after D’Angelo’s “How does it feel”, an ad for the latest stool softener blares out of the speakers.

There are a bunch of different streaming services available, and each of them offers an array of sexy playlists. Spotify is probably the more popular one, and it is what we tend to rely on. But there is also pandora which I still go to from time to time.  We recommend paying for a subscription rather than accessing the free options. The ads that can awkwardly pop up randomly between tracks can be a mood killer. Just imagine you are in the middle of the best anal sex session of your life and right after D’Angelo’s “How does it feel”, an ad for the latest stool softener blares out of the speakers. Nobody wants that. Nobody. 

If you are thinking about purchasing any of the items we listed in this post, please do so through the links above or through our store. It would be a huge help to our show. Check out our episode on the topic below.  


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